Batelco launches ‘Cloud ERP’ Business Management Solutions in collaboration with CorporateStack

December 05,2022

Batelco launched Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a comprehensive enterprise-oriented cloud software solution for companies to meet all their business management needs in a single product offering. The solution is being delivered exclusively in Bahrain by Batelco in partnership with CorporateStack, a leading provider of software solutions specialising in digital transformation, following the signing of an agreement on the opening day of BITEX & Meet ICT 2022.

Cloud ERP enables the integrated management of commonly used business processes by seamlessly combining HRMS, for payroll management and attendance tracking, CRM, to give visibility and management of sales figures, and Asset Management software, to manage, track and maintain company assets. Cloud ERP enables businesses to improve productivity while streamlining operations by centralising key business processes through their cloud-based software.

Batelco’s General Manager Enterprise, Abdulla Danesh, said, “Batelco is committed to providing innovative digital solutions to support the evolving needs of the enterprise sector and was delighted to sign an exclusive partnership with CorporateStack to support the Company’s goals. We introduced Cloud ERP to enable businesses to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations, reduce costs, and maximise revenues through smart digitised solutions.”

“The Cloud ERP solution provides businesses in Bahrain with the opportunity to upgrade their business processes conveniently and efficiently. To ensure we accommodate the specific requirements of each business, we can discuss their needs and customise the product accordingly so that ultimately a business can log-in to a single platform to manage all their key internal operational functions”

“Batelco recognises the vital role the enterprise sector plays in the Kingdom’s economy, and we strive to develop and deliver curated solutions that support the growth and efficiency of local businesses,” he added.

Eng. Mohammed Abdin, Co-Founder and CCO of CorporateStack, said: “We are pleased to be collaborating with Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in Bahrain. We look forward to building a rapport in the Kingdom’s market as the country witnesses a dynamic digital transformation journey.”

Businesses are invited to register online at